A glimpse into the near future

This is for all stock managers, I know its about your money and keeping your stocks at a premium, so lets go through this together: nobody wants their stocks to worth pennies on the dollar, so there has to be normality and few upheavals over an extended time frame; lets say eighteen to twenty four months, but this is also for every living human being living on earth, this is also your responsibility and so you do have a voice of opinion in all of this energy engineering thats taken place around you.

So picture this: sun spurts coming from mass explosions on the surface of the sun; latching onto  gamma rays that are on their way to earth, drawn by chemically induced solar panels…the face of the new energy source and billion industry magnet of Tesla. So lets say these spurs are called sunstrikes. At a minimum,  this strike would hit the exact place where there is a mass amount of panels; which would be the new massive solar factory in the Arizona desert built by Tesla. Reducing that infrastructure to ashes; with its hundreds of workers along with it.

This news would create such a panic, that within a few hours Tesla’s stock value would be worth nothing and people would be tearing these panels off their roofs as if they were contaminated, revoking solar energy as the new energy and reverting back to fossil fluid, just to be safe…..that’s the minimum. Now lets look at the maximum: what if such a sunstrike is so powerful as to destroy that infrastructure  on the surface of the earth; but also penetrate to the the earth’s core; raising the degree of the core so has to cause volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tidal waves….what would we do then, dear citizens of earth? Let me just say this: at that point it would be just too late for us all.

Again: all that looks so good now, isn’t so good after all….stay turned….bless



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