So here we are

We are in the 16th year of the 21st century, being hammered by gamma rays (Solar) and carbon dioxide (co2) and according to Bill Gates an energy miracle is near. I do agree with him, as energy as we now know it cannot be sustainable for our long future at the rate we are using fossil and solar. Furthermore, we will look back at this time in our history and see how inefficient and cobber-some  our energy sources were. But let me get into the meat of the matter: The energy miracle will not be coming from scientists from MIT, nor from billionaires, who has enough money already and are not channeling it to the right sources; which happens to be normal people with extraordinary ideas that are looking for funding to create prototypes of their visions.

Mr. Gates failed to remember the IBM had the idea of Windows right within the palm of their hands and just could not see it within a million miles; that it took two college dropouts to see the vision and the rest is history. It’s the same with any new invention that will bring a sea change  to our whole understanding of clean sustainable energy. Energy that will bring prices tumbling down; just as the computer age did and uplifts the economy of all countries on earth; not just the USA.

Energy that will bring down the price of electricity, plane tickets, vehicles, trains, and production. Energy that will encourage new technologies for mankind, that will make us look at everything differently; from the smallest items to mega conglomerates. It will have us looking outside the box at every single thing; while improving on everything we have created  so far. Yes an energy miracle is coming, but we are going to be so surprise of the scource it’s from…..stay tune….bless


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