I had to do this

This is my first blog about co2 and i just had to do this to bring a deeper awareness to the dangerous levels of this scourge that we are breathing in twenty four hours a day, seven days a week; nonstop. I would not be surprised when we are really able to find the sources of cancer in the future, that co2 will be about sixty percent. Think about it, it cannot be just the food we are eating as the food is broken down in the stomach and all the waste passes through and out our bodies, surely it has to be something deeper within our system; something that we breathe in every single day, even when we sleep. Its in the air stupid, it goes into our bodies and passes through every fiber in our being. God help us if most of us wasn’t trying to eat healthy, there would be no resistance to limit the damage to our bodies.

All these fancy cars we are driving, take a time out and really check out what coming out of your mufflers. Everyone is driving now and everyone is dying now. Cars, Buses, Planes, Trucks, Motorcycles, Gas Generators, anything that is gas operated is a nail in our coffin. let me just get down to what I really want to say: We have to get away from OIL, there is a reason why God; whether you believe him to be or not, placed oil deep within the earth, if he wanted it on the surface of the earth he would have done so…Hello anybody home? Until we start to solve the sicknesses and diseases of our time by moving away from destructive elements, not for money but for the wholeness and longevity of the human race, we are no more modern than early stone-age man, who had no control over the elements around him and therefore became a prisoner of said elements.

The Sun is not the answer either, if only you know what scientists are doing to draw the sun nearer, to get stronger gamma rays onto the surface of the earth, again in the form of solar energy; just to put money in their pockets and just let the earth burn. Why do you think the surface of the earth is getting hotter and hotter…..o man, o man, we will take the money now and to hell with the future for our children, in other words “we don’t care, we just want to make our billions and then die”. But what if i tell you o man that in the near future you wont die, are you willing then to live forever in the agony of 150 degrees heatwaves?

Back to my first blog, I had to do this, my whole body scream out to say something and more…..and there are a lot more to say…..stay tune…..bless.


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